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Which factors will affect price of hotel furniture

February 23, 2022

Latest company news about Which factors will affect price of hotel furniture

Please send me your catalog and hotel furniture price list.

Did you send this message to the manufacturer at the beginning time? Before you set your expectations, there’re a few things that must consider first- each affects the price.

1. Room interiors and furniture design

In today’s vastly competitive market, it is even more critical to create a space that sets itself apart.
When designing hotel interiors, one place to focus on distinction and personalization is the guest room. For years we’ve worked to develop different design schemes that will showcase different hotel’s themes or locations. Contact our teams to get inspired by the project we have accomplished.
2. Size of furniture
Hotel furniture is needed to make sure that they are up to scale to the measurements of the rooms, so we will ask you to provide a floor plan or room layout to get each furniture size.
3. Materials
Wood: Teak/ Walnut/ Oak/ Beech/ Ash
Wooden: Standard MDF / Fireproof or wet proof treatment MDF/ Plywood
Surface:Veneer / Laminate
Finish: Shiny/ Semi Shiny/ Matte/ Show wood grain or not
Metal: Iron/ Standard/ Aluminum
Stone: Marple/ Quartz
Upholstery: Leather/ Fabric/ PVC/ PU
Hardware: Drawer runner/ Hinger
Not all materials are created equal, even the same name. We’ve talked about this exact topic here.
You’ve got a lot to deal with, choosing the right material for your project is essential, but not easy.

Common wood introduction

The size and scope of your project will affect the price of your hotel furniture.
As an experienced hotel furniture manufacturer, we pride ourselves on providing strong attention to detail and unmatched service to our clients, from the first inquiry email through product delivery and install. But, before we’re able to work together, we feel it’s essential to provide you with a better understanding of how we work and our processes.
At the beginning of communication, our project coordinator will ask some questions.
Hotel location (competator)
Hotel type
Hotel situation (New or renovation)
Layout concept/ idea and 3d image
Expect opening date, etc…

Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate estimate that aligns with your design direction and fits within the budget. Find out more about us

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